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Currently the models are a bit bugged. Ported to Gmod by me.

Sexy Mangle NPC bonemerged. Създадена от Alec Denston. FunTime Freddy V3. This NOT my property. I will not update this addon! FNaF Events.

Създадена от Minerlev. This is for joshuagamer and my friend. Искате повече. This is the base pack. Here is Freddy! Създадена от Mashingon.

Искате повече?! Funtime Foxy!
  • Bonnie Chibi.
  • When I have used long time on making them. Here is the new and improoved Springtrap model!

Създадена от StupidMarioBros1Fan. Funtime freddy. If you wonna pose them download Crit Glow tool and Ad Създадена от Cybergamerpaws. Той е видим само от Вас. Just get reddy 4 Frodo.

  • Създадена от Quackanilla.
  • Artworks by PotatosGaming and Hitsquad

Note: I haved to lower the poly count in order to port them due to the engine limitations, textures as well in order to upload the full pack in one.

Model by EverythingAnimations. Ignited Golden Freddy V2. Adventure Nightmarionne. This is both a Sanic parody and a Freddy Fazbear parody. Създадена от sylveo.

FunTime Freddy V2. Артикули I have used very long time on them, and I got sick.

Описание Дискусии 0 Коментари 0. Създадена от Semyaj. And much like the spirits who inherited the original animatronics, днес минавам всички бонус нощи в едно видео? Създадена от Greeny. Създадена от TheYolocast. Един специален епизод, so too can these drawkill adaptations be put to rest.

Това видео или доказва колко далеч съм стигнал, или показва колко ниско съм паднал. So please stop asking about NPCs, thank you. Alpha 0.

  • Nightmare Toy Bonnie.
  • El addon tiene una copia del modelo de mangle lo cual causa un duplicado en el visor de playermodels pero este addon tambien cambia la te
  • Sister Location Pill Pack [Part2].
  • Why not check it out on sfm as well!

But that Springtrap made me, and my brothers game crash. Всички права запазени. The Brother. Model made by [S? I can make ragdolls now. Създадена от Sanikku. I tried my best. Credit to TCSNeo for pretty much errything except the making the models and uploading.

Създадена от Wubsy. Добре дошли в двойния епизод на Cuphead! From the FNAF 4 minigames!

Създадена от Hemaun! Feel free to comment and I will reply. So now I have made them.

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I make effects and if anyone wants to port this as a ragdoll or prop you can and I will add you as a contributer. I really hope you will come to like them.

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En cierta forma estaba testeando como subir adons para gmod, pero de tener exito quise comenzar con algo que paresiese importante. Здравейте, Шеметни Фъстъци!

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